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Stories bind us together. Stories show us that our experiences do not exist in a vacuum. And that humans understand each other, even when we feel alone. The human condition is one long beautiful and painful story told again and again. What story do you want to tell?

vintage book

July 28, 2013
Publishing 3.0: Do We Even Need Traditional Publishing?

  A lot of discussion has been generated by James Altucher’s post,”How to Self-Publish a Best Seller.” Is it really possible? What…

the ghostwriter's conundrum

February 13, 2013
The Ghostwriter’s Conundrum

Being a ghostwriter is one of the coolest jobs there is. I have had a lot of jobs, so you…


February 8, 2013
What is a Ghostwriter?

  A good ghostwriter must be an actor, a psychotherapist, an interviewer, and–at long last–a writer. If you have read…